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New Moon Blend Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate

The New Moon is a time of shedding and letting go. It's a time to clear the slate and make room for new things to emerge. That's why we've made this simple, back-to-basics New Moon Blend. There's no sweetener so you can sweeten it how you like or enjoy it dark just like the new moon sky. Pamper and nourish yourself with this simple delicious, nutritious, creamy chocolate blend of only four healthy ingredients.

Ingredients: Cacao, Organic Cashew Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Sea Salt
Servings: 8
Directions: Mix 2-3 tbs with 3/4 cup of hot water, stir and enjoy. To take your cup of cacao up a notch, try frothing it or putting it in the blender to make it extra creamy and delicious.
$ 18.88 USD
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