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Pure Ceremonial Cacao - 1 Lb Block

Ceremonial Cacao is the most potent cacao on the planet. It is gently processed with love to amplify all of the magical effects that the wonderful cacao plant has to offer. These blocks are the original form of pure ceremonial cacao. Traditionally, the ceremonial leader will chop the blocks by hand. The cacao will then be made into a brew, often mixed with other ingredients, and served in ceremony.

Ceremonial Cacao is known for the bliss and energy that it induces in those who drink it. That's why it is used in ceremony to help people open their hearts and share their authentic beautiful truth. Pure Ceremonial Cacao is great for making your own cacao brews as well as confectionery and making vegan treats. We don't recommend cooking Ceremonial Cacao at high heats, as heat degrades the cacao and will take away the effects of bliss and energy that it gives.
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