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Artisan Ceremonial Cacao Blends

Easy to Brew

Extra Creamy and Delicious

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We Took Pure
Ceremonial Cacao

Mixed It With A Few
Whole Ingredients

To Make A Delicious Ready-To-Brew Blend

Simply Add
Hot Water

It's More Than Just Chocolate

It's a Gentle Source of Energy

Ceremonial Grade Cacao is the most potent cacao on the planet! Similar to a cup of coffee but with less jitters and anxiety.

It's a Sacred Plant Medicine

Ceremonial Cacao is a powerful heart opener used in ceremony for thousands of years. In the right set and setting it can induce deep cathartic release and spiritual healing.

It's Bliss in a Cup

Ceremonial Cacao naturally contains high amounts of anandamide, the bliss molecule, which uplifts the drinker and induces a sense of euphoria, bliss and joy.

It's a Super Food

Ceremonial Cacao has the highest antioxidant content of any food on the planet and is filled with vitamins, minerals, flavanols, and entheogenic alkaloids.

It Amplifies Music

That's right Ceremonial Cacao makes music sound better! Get fully immersed into your favorite tune or even deeply tranced out by the music!

It's a Source of Creativity

Ceremonial Cacao is a source of energy for artists, musicians, writers and other creative types. Activate your creative genius with a delicious cup of cacao.

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Ancient Preparation
Modern Interpretation

Ceremonial Cacao is inspired by the ancient traditional ways of preparing cacao. Thousands of years before chocolate had even been invented, the civilizations of South and Central America were using cacao for many different purposes. They would grind the cacao by hand into a crude paste that would then be mixed with water to make a beverage. Cacao was originally used as a food source, but as its powerful effects became known, it became an important part of Mayan, Aztec, Incan and Olmec societies. It was used as a social beverage, aphrodesiac, as a stimulant in times of war. Eventually it became the drink of royalty and a religious sacrament used in ceremony.

We are part of a community who's mission is to revive this ancient method of cacao preparation and bring it to those who would benefit from it. We see a potential to use cacao as an alternative to both coffee and alcohol. It's more energizing than tea and gentler on the nervous system than coffee. In social situations, it lowers inhibitions and helps people connect from a heart centered and holistic place. No hangover necessary.

What Makes Ceremonial Cacao Different?


High Quality Criollo Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao starts with the cacao pod of high quality strains of Criollo Cacao. Criollo Cacao is the rarest and finest type of cacao on the planet making up only about 5% of all cacao produced. It is known for it's subtle and complex flavor profiles as well as it's high psychoactive alkaloid content. Criollo Cacao is high in the compounds, theobromine, anandamide and phenethylamine. These compounds are what give ceremonial cacao the uplifting and energizing effects that we love.


Ceremonial Cacao is fermented for 6-8 days before any further preparation. This fermentation period allows for enzymatic breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates which stimulates the formation and activation of the psychoactive components of cacao. This fermentation period also brings out the deep and rich flavor profile that makes Cacao so dreamy and delicious.

Minimal Processing and Lots of Love

Ceremonial Cacao undergoes a special preparation that makes it the most potent cacao on the planet. The normal processing of cacao involves a great deal of overheating and strips away the cocoa butter for use in the makeup industry. This destroys many of the beneficial attributes of the plant in the process. Ceremonial cacao, on the other hand, is only lightly roasted and then peeled by hand before being ground down and melted. This keeps the beneficial compounds in tact rather than allowing them to be burned away!

Your Cacao Ceremony

Cacao provides the perfect reason to gather with community or hold your own personal ceremony at home.

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It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Add water
2. Heat
3. Enjoy!

High Quality Ethical Sourcing

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We source all of our cacao from our partner company Cacao Source based in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Our friends at Cacao Source have searched Guatemala high and low to meet indigenous Mayan cacao farmers and track down the best strains of cacao that they could find. They then take the raw cacao beans and hire Guatemalan women's collectives to process every single bean by hand. The women are paid above market wages and are given economic opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be available

Not only do they support the farmers economically but they have also started initiatives to educate them on the value of growing cacao to be made into ceremonial cacao, how to grow it naturally without synthetic pesticides and how to cultivate the highest quality strains of to deliver the most potent cacao that you can find. On top of all that, they have started initiatives to integrate permaculture techniques into the world of cacao farming and to use the cacao tree as a vehicle for the reforestation of our rain forests.

Cacao and Reforestation

The cacao tree could be an immensely powerful tool in rebuilding the rainforests that have been destroyed.
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The History of Cacao

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Cacao Ceremony 101

Cacao's entheogenic feel-good effects are much stronger when combined with intention, gratitude and good music.
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What makes Cacao Entheogenic?

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Cacao 101

What is ceremonial-grade cacao?
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