Cacao 101

What is Cacao?

A Feel-Good Food

Ceremonial Cacao is an entheogenic plant that induces feelings of bliss, energy, creativity and spiritual connection with the earth and all its inhabitants. Traditionally it was known as a medicina del corazon or medicine of the heart. This is because of its heart opening effects that can produce cathartic experiences and deep emotional release in the proper setting.

This is what makes it the perfect center piece for cacao ceremonies.

A Raw & Pure Form of Chocolate

Cacao is the rawest and purest edible form of chocolate.

Most chocolate that you get at the grocery store has been highly processed. They overcook the cacao then separate the fats turning it into two different products; cacao powder and cocoa butter. From there the cacao powder and cacao butter are mixed back together in different ratios with other ingredients added to make the chocolate bars that you see in stores.

Our Cacao isn’t like that. It’s pure and unadulterated. The beans are roasted as lightly as possible to make them edible but at the same time leave the minerals and alkaloids that make ceremonial cacao so special undamaged. They are then ground, melted and turned into a brick form. We mix our special blend of high-quality organic ingredients with this pure cacao to make our ceremonial grade drinking chocolate mix.

A Historically Significant Substance

Cacao has a history as rich as it's flavor, if not more so. Throughout our blog posts, we'll deep dive into the interesting history of cacao and chocolate. Subscribe to join us in our quest to gain a better understanding of this wonderful plant and it's colorful & complex history.

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