Cacao and Reforestation

How We Are Supporting the Reforestation of our Planet

At Peace Love Cacao, we deeply believe that it is time for humanity to stop viewing the earth as something to use and abuse and start being benevolent stewards to the plant. Our great grandchildren are counting on us. We see no better way to help the planet, than to plant new forests and build the land back to its original glory.

The cacao tree could be an immensely powerful tool in rebuilding the rainforests that have been destroyed. High quality cacao is an expensive and valuable commodity. The development of cacao into a household staple will provide people and businesses with economic incentive to plant cacao forests around the world’s tropical zones helping us to regreen the planet.

In the future when Peace Love Cacao has acquired greater resources and influence, we wish to begin starting ecological initiatives around the world to support rebuilding the earth’s natural ecosystem. With humans working for the land instead of for themselves, we can build new natural wonders that work even better than they would if left wild. We would like our initiatives to focus on reforestation, regenerative agriculture, rebuilding the water tables, permaculture and integrating humanity into our natural landscapes that create harmony between us and the planet.

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